What's more impressive, Hector Bellerin's trick shot or his short shorts?

BY Aaron West • January 12, 2017

Arsenal players Hector Bellerin, Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Rob Holding got in the building early for the NBA's Pacers-Nuggets matchup in London, and the trio hit an open court session to show off their skills.

It was Bellerin who pulled out the best trick, flicking a basketball over his head from a standing position at the free throw line like it was nothing at all.


The shot is pretty solid, but it gets awkward really fast as Bellerin leaves his man The Ox hanging on the dap for an absurdly long time – enough to make you almost feel bad for the little fella. To be fair, Ox went for it way too early, but still, you can't leave your teammate out there for that amount of time, no matter how cool you feel after a trick shot.

At press time, there's still no word on why Bellerin was given youth size small shorts when everyone else got their regular size, but I'm sure everything will be revealed in due course.

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