This AC Milan player is an all-time great snowball thrower

BY Alex Dowd • January 14, 2017

Winter in Turin, Italy means snow. Snow, of course, means one thing and one thing only: snowballs! Far be it from AC Milan's Suso to pass up the opportunity to pack a tight one and drill an unsuspecting victim.

In this case, the victim wound up being MilanTV presenter Tommaso Turci:

What a finish with his right! It's a perfect set up. Suso sees the opportunity and seizes it with zero hesitation. The snowball looks to be a beauty, and the throw is even better. It's a direct headshot on the unsuspecting Turci, and Suso just casually walks off.

It's a toss that would make, Mrs. Doubtfire proud.

Soccer players aren't normally so good with their hands, but Suso is an exception! The 23-year-old has five goals and six assists in 18 Serie A appearances for Milan this season, which is mighty impressive. But this snowball toss might be career highlight.



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