Watch: Manning Bros. surprise unsuspecting teens, demand exercise before getting Gatorade

BY Brett Smiley • August 18, 2015

Veterans of comedic advertisements during the NFL preseason, brothers Peyton and Eli Manning are back at it — this time in some funny hidden-camera spots for Gatorade.

In the video above, a pair of unsuspecting students attempt to get a beverage when the Mannings appear and advise the teens that they must sweat in order to get the Gatorade. That's the campaign theme — but it's also actually true because those machines are props, not functioning devices. And that "custodian" is actually Rob Belushi, son of Jim Belushi.  

The Mannings made a few videos that you can check out in the playlist here. Also the omnipresent J.J. Watt stars in a number of videos of his own. We're beginning to think the Texans have cloned Watt to divvy up his promotional and football work.

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