Are the Browns up to something fishy with Marcus Mariota?

BY Sid Saraf • February 11, 2015

Kevin O'Connell is about to start a new job. The former NFL player reportedly will soon take over as the new Cleveland Browns quarterbacks coach. However, he's still finishing up his old gig: working out with former Oregon QB and NFL draft prospect Marcus Mariota in San Diego at Prolific Athletes.

Other top prospects such as Jameis Winston and Bryce Petty are also there, but Mariota is exclusively working with O'Connell, according to a story on

And those other NFL teams aren't happy about it.

"So let me get this straight," an NFL executive told Pro Football Talk. "The Browns can have their quarterbacks coach-in-waiting work with a player, teach him the entire offense, etc., but we can't even talk to any potential draft pick until the Combine per league rules? Something is wrong here."

O'Connell, who also worked with Johnny Manziel before the 2014 Draft, will start his new job with the Browns either next week at the Combine or soon after. The team has not announced his hiring, but it has been widely reported.

The Browns hold the Nos. 12 and 19 picks in the draft and reportedly have followed Mariota's college career closely. Many mock drafts have Mariota going off the board before 12, but sources have said Cleveland could be willing to trade up to grab the talented quarterback.

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