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Colin Cowherd picks winners and losers after Week 1 of NFL free agency

March 20

You can't win 'em all – but sometimes, you can lose fewer times than others. 

For NFL teams, the offseason is often an exercise in reshaping a roster, via either the draft or free agency. 

With Week 1 of free agency in the books, Colin Cowherd has a few thoughts on which teams are already better so far and which teams have taken a dip.


Denver Broncos

Colin's take: "They were 5-11 last year, they have the worst quarterback in their division, and they have to rebuild their defense."

Philadelphia Eagles

Colin's take: "Feels like they're swimming in chaos. ... I think they downgraded heavy at coach, and Carson Wentz is gone. Jalen Hurts may have some success, but I think they're a fourth-place team."

New York Jets

Colin's take: "They were 2-14. 'Well, they signed big free agents.' The Jets always do that. We don't know if Robert Saleh can coach. Even if he can, in a division with [Bill] Belichick twice a year, Brian Flores twice a year and Sean McDermott twice a year? It's a fourth-place team."

Detroit Lions

Colin's take: "Jared Goff with a significantly worse offensive line and a significantly worse coach is a last-place team."

Houston Texans

Colin's take: "They're a mess. There is nothing about Houston I like."


Buffalo Bills

Colin's take: "I think Buffalo's got a great GM, I think they have a great quarterback, I think they keep elevating Josh Allen. They were 13-3 last year, and they add a complementary receiver in Emmanuel Sanders, and they're gonna go and get a pass rush."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Colin's take: "Tom Brady, now in his second year. They bring the band back together. ... I think they'll move off of Ndamukong Suh, fill that spot in the draft. They'll be fine. And I think if you look at that division, this is not a tough one."

Kansas City Chiefs

Colin's take: "They signed Kyle Long on the offensive line and Joe Thuney. It helps. I don't think they'll be as good at tackle, but I think they are so spectacularly coached and so spectacularly quarterbacked that if you look at that division, everybody else is just trying to win shootouts."

Green Bay Packers

Colin's take: "The division has gotten worse. ... Aaron Rodgers is gonna face Andy Dalton twice a year, Kirk Cousins twice a year and Jared Goff with a bad O-line and worse coach. It's Green Bay's division."


Cleveland Browns

Colin's take: "They were 11-5 last year with a bad secondary. Well, they get Grant Delpit and Greedy Williams back, and they added John Johnson and Troy Hill. They've had a really good free-agency period."

Arizona Cardinals

Colin's take: "Arizona's old: J.J. Watt, A.J. Green, Rodney Hudson. But those are good one-, two-year players. And I do think Kyler Murray was improving at the end of last year. I think they're better."

Los Angeles Chargers

Colin's take: "The Chargers went and solved some offensive line issues by getting Corey Linsley, Matt Feiler and then Jared Cook at tight end. And Derwin James comes back."

Indianapolis Colts

Colin's take: "Colts got Carson Wentz. They're about one more receiver away. ... I think the Colts will be better because they're far more athletic at quarterback."

Dallas Cowboys

Colin's take: "I think Dan Quinn's an upgrade at defensive coordinator, and I think Dak Prescott, for a season, is an upgrade over Andy Dalton. And I may be critical of the Dallas Cowboys, but it feels like the chaos has left the building."

New England Patriots

Colin's take: "Just at tight end. Just Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. And at wide receiver with Nelson Agholor, they feel like they're more explosive."

Los Angeles Rams

Colin's take: "They got Matt Stafford. I feel like that's an upgrade over Jared Goff. Better arm, a little more athletic, throws better in a muddy pocket."


Chicago Bears

Colin's take: "The Bears were 8-8 last year. I think Trubisky's a better fit with an average offensive line. I do not like their GM. I think Chuck Pagano's a good defensive coordinator, and he retired. Don't love that."

Las Vegas Raiders

Colin's take: "Four of their five offensive linemen — gone. Why that's a problem? Derek Carr, more than any quarterback in the league, regresses with poor protection."

New Orleans Saints

Colin's take: "It feels like a reboot year. A zillion dollars over the cap, Drew Brees is gone. They're now just scaling back on players."

Pittsburgh Steelers

Colin's take: "They're not gonna start 11-0, the division is better, they lost Bud Dupree and Maurkice Pouncey. I thought Ben at the end of the year – when they lost five of six – looked tired."

Tennessee Titans

Colin's take: "Arthur Smith, the offensive coordinator, is gone. Ryan Tannehill benefitted greatly from Arthur Smith. Very interested to see Ryan Tannehill without his kingmaker."


Miami Dolphins

Colin's take: "They add Will Fuller, but they lose a couple of defensive guys I like, including Kyle Van Noy, Davon Godchaux to the Patriots. Those are good defensive players."

Atlanta Falcons

Colin's take: "Let's not kid ourselves – it's a question mark. I didn't think Dan Quinn was a terrible coach. I don't know if Arthur Smith can coach. They'll be OK to average to below average."

Carolina Panthers

Colin's take: "Rebuilding process. They don't love Teddy Bridgewater. Below average."

Baltimore Ravens

Colin's take: "Baltimore was good. They're still good. They lost a couple of pass-rushers. They lost Matt Judon, a very good linebacker who I like. They have a history of drafting well. They didn't get better or worse. Same team."

Seattle Seahawks

Colin's take: "They won't be as good defensively. And they lost Shaq Griffin and Carlos Dunlap. But they did get Gerald Everett at tight end and Gabe Jackson." 

Washington Football Team

Colin's take: "I talked to two GMs – nobody gets the Ryan Fitzpatrick thing. I don't get it. They feel 7-9, 8-8, unless they make a quarterback move."

Check out Colin's entire breakdown below:

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