The Cavs received their new custom WWE title belt from Triple H

BY Andrew Lynch • June 21, 2016

The Larry O'Brien trophy is a pretty cool way for a team to celebrate its NBA championship. The rings a team receives at the start of the next season are awesome, too.

But it's pretty much impossible to beat a wrestling championship belt like the one Triple H had made up for the Cleveland Cavaliers after their epic comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors:

The Cavs' title belt completes the set for the four major champions over the past seven months. First, the Kansas City Royals got their belt for winning the World Series:

So did the Denver Broncos for their Super Bowl win:

And the Pittsburgh Penguins' strap will go nicely with the Stanley Cup:

Now the Cavs have their own belt, too, which will likely replace the Rattlesnake version Kevin Love was sporting after Game 7 on Sunday:

Update: Yep, K. Love loves the strap:

Forget wearing it until the trade deadline. Love might never take that thing off.

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