Someone reportedly spent a ton of money to buy a used Stephen Curry mouthguard

BY foxsports • August 21, 2016

It seems like anything Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry touches is worth a pretty penny -- even his mouthguard. Someone spent nearly $3,200 for a used Curry mouthguard in an online auction Sunday, according to ESPN.

According to the report, the mouthguard, which was used in a game in December and had Curry's name on it, was expected to fetch at least $5,000. Curry's mouthpiece gets a considerable amount of TV time as the two-time reigning MVP has a habit of biting on it while shooting free throws.

Curry has taken the league by storm the past two seasons, leading the Warriors to back-to-back Finals appearances while also helping Golden State break the single-season record for regular-season wins. The lucky person who came away with Curry's mouthguard after he famously threw it into the crowd during this year's Game 6 of the Finals might want to get that one appraised.