San Antonio's experience is carrying them to early-season wins

BY foxsports • November 20, 2015

The San Antonio Spurs are still figuring things out on offense, but so far, this early in the season, they already seem to understand where players need to go and locate themselves on the floor.

It's not easy, and all the new pieces are still working themselves in to fit, but right now they're relying on experience and talent (and incredible defense) to carry them through the season's opening few weeks. 

Here's SB Nation's Pounding the Rock with more:

San Antonio's schedule plays a part, but so does Kawhi Leonard looking like an MVP candidate, nearly shooting 50/40/90 right now.

Outside of their ball-movement, San Antonio's spacing might be the most impressive aspect of their offense. No matter what kind of play they run, whether it be a pick-and-roll with Parker and Duncan or a post up for Aldridge or Leonard, the Spurs always have at least two shooters beyond the arc and one big spotting up from either the short corner or the elbow. It is this strategic placement that leads to get confused or lost, and give up a valuable 3-pointer.

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