Reports: Silver expects no 'major shift' in international competition play

BY foxsports • August 4, 2014

Commissioner Adam Silver does not foresee a "major shift" in NBA participation in international competitions after Pacers F Paul George was injured Friday night in Las Vegas, according to reports.

In a statement issued to ESPN, Silver admitted that the injury will impact talk on whether the sport's veteran stars should be competing in international tournaments like the upcoming FIBA World Cup. George's leg was fractured and, according to multiple reports, his status for the upcoming season is in question.

In the statement, Silver says that the injury will cast more attention on the issue -- and that the whole concept will be a topic of conversation in the September competition meeting.

"Without a doubt, basketball has grown tremendously since 1992, when NBA players began playing in the Olympics," Silver said to ESPN in the statement. "Also, it's important to note the [improvement] many of our players have made in terms of ability, leadership and passion for the game by playing for their home countries. Injuries can happen any place at any time. The experiences our players have enjoyed by participating in their national teams, however, are ones that are unique and special in almost every other way. At this point, I don't anticipate a major shift in the NBA's participation in international competitions.

"It seems clear, however, that this will be a topic at our next NBA competition committee meeting in September and our board of governors meeting in October. And, of course, we will continue to evaluate the pros and cons of participating in international tournaments."

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