Report: Lozada wants off reality TV show

March 8, 2011

Evelyn Lozada, the fiancee of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, accused her reality show producers of betrayal and is trying to get off "Basketball Wives" after a nasty fight erupted on the season finale, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Lozada, who was previously engaged to former Boston Celtics player Antoine Walker, said the producers of the VH1 reality show violated her trust by divulging she slept with the then-married Kenny Anderson, whose ex-wife Tami Roman is part of the show.

Lozada claims the show's producers pushed her to tell of the liaison because they wanted to incite some conflict to add more drama to the episode.

It is unclear though why Lozada is blaming the producers since she is the one who dropped the hook-up bomb to Roman during a booze-filled birthday dinner on the season two finale.

The revelation succeeded in causing fur to fly. Roman lunged at Lozada and had to be held down by members of the production crew.

"I don't live life with regrets! Only one person can judge me & that's God. I'm far from perfect! Will always own up 2 my ish," Lozada tweeted Tuesday about the incident.

Lozada announced her engagement to Ochocinco in November, after the pair had dated four months.

This will be the first marriage for both Ochocinco and Lozada, who has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

Publicity-hungry Ochocinco has made the Pro Bowl six times in his NFL career. He had 628 yards and four touchdowns last season for the Bengals, who finished last in the AFC North.

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