Magic's Barnes fined $20K for throwing ball

Published Nov. 29, 2009 1:38 a.m. EST

"I think that's a little much," Barnes said before the Magic took on the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. "I completely understand the fine, but $20,000 is ridiculous, so we'll see."

The Heat's Michael Beasley soared over Barnes to grab an offensive rebound and dunk the ball for the winning points with 1.6 seconds left in Miami's 99-98 win Wednesday. The Magic protested that it was goaltending, and Barnes threw the ball into the stands after the game.

"I didn't even know he did it," said Van Gundy, who was told of the fine around the time the NBA announced it Saturday.

Van Gundy was leery of discussing whether he thought the fine was excessive, noting he's already been slapped for $35,000 this year in the preseason for his criticism of replacement referees.


"I lost $35,000 earlier and if I'm going to lose more money, it's not going to be on that," Van Gundy said. "It was just frustration that Beasley got behind him and put the ball in the basket and we lost a tough game.

"Again, I didn't even see him throw it. I don't think it was any complaint with officials, it's simply just they have said, if the ball goes into the stands, you're getting fined. I think that part of it is a good rule, whatever the number is, they decide."

Van Gundy joked Barnes should consider throwing cash into the stands instead of a ball next time.

"That's basically what he did," the coach said. "At least if you did that, it'd be the same amount of money, and you'd be very popular. If he threw $20,000 in cash, he'd be very popular."

Barnes, in his seventh year and with his seventh team, is averaging 6.9 points and 5.9 rebounds in 16 games with the Magic this season.