Channing Frye was caught editing his own Wikipedia page after the Cavs' game on Christmas

December 26, 2016

The Cavaliers eked out a win over the Warriors in a Finals rematch on Christmas Day. Channing Frye was one of three Cavs bench players to see action in the game and he had a modest performance, dropping 10 points and pulling in two rebounds.

That's not exactly a standout performance, but if you visited Frye's Wikipedia page after the game you might have seen an entry boasting about an elite performance. Apparently, that was Frye's own doing.

According to Richard Jefferson's Snapchat, Frye was caught editing his own Wikipedia page on the team bus and welcoming all readers to "Frye Island."


Jefferson and the other Cavs seemed to enjoy Frye's postgame work. Personally, I'm hoping for a "Lord of the Fryes" plot twist to come out of Frye Island.