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B-Day Blake

March 16

On Monday, Blake Griffin – arguably the most-feared posterizer in the NBA history – turned 31.

Let's relive 20 unbelievable highlights – in no order – that Griffin has delivered during his NBA career.

1. Kendrick Perkins was no match for Blake on this one. 

2. Does it get nastier?

3. Yuck.


5. So, this is Vince Carter's dunk, but off the backboard? Cool.

6. Don't worry about missed layups. Blake's got the rebound.

7. Apparently, Griffin had it out for Pau Gasol.

8. Did he really have to double up on the Sixers?

9. Timofey got Mozgov'd.

10. Old school!

11. Robin Lopez should have just moved out of the way.

12. This didn't end well for Miles Plumlee.

13. Cleared for takeoff.

14. The Blake Show.

15. Montrezl Harrell is all of us while watching vintage Blake.

16. This is just a good play.

17. Why dunk it when you can just throw the ball into the basket?

18. It wasn't all jokes for Joel Embiid after this poster by veteran Blake Griffin.

19. Hello, Aaron Baynes.

20. Before Giannis, Blake Griffin was the high-flying act in Milwaukee.

We could go all day long.

Happy birthday, Blake!

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