'We whupped their ass!' Gomes fires up Royals, fans with speech

November 3, 2015

Jonny Gomes didn't play in a single game during the postseason, but the Royals slugger sure had a lot to say Tuesday at the victory parade and rally.

Gomes, toting an American flag, stalked the stage and praised his teammates. Then he did a little trash talking that got the crowd fired up.

"Guess what? Cy Young winner — not on our team. Beat him," Gomes said, likely referring to Houston's Dallas Keuchel.

"Rookie of the Year — not on our team. We beat him," Gomes said, likely referring to Houston's Carlos Correa.


"MVP of the whole league —€” sorry, guys, not on our team. But we beat that guy too!" Gomes said, likely referring to Toronto's Josh Donaldson.

(The 2015 award winners haven't been announced yet, but Gomes seems to know who they'll be.)

Gomes punctuated his speech with a line that made the crowd go wild.

"Y'all want to be politically correct, I'm the unpolitically correct person. We whupped their ass!" Gomes said as he threw the mic into the crowd and his teammates mobbed him.

Watch the whole thing in the video above.