WATCH: Was that the return of 'Rally Squirrel' and his buddy at Busch?

BY foxsports • August 13, 2015

It's been nearly four years since "Rally Squirrel" raced across Busch Stadium during the 2011 National League Division Series, and there's no confirmation that Wednesday night's visitor was the same furry, baseball-loving rodent, but maybe...

In any case, a squirrel and his buddy, a bird -- Rally Bird? -- were just like every human in St. Louis, wanting to get inside Busch for the second game of a big series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cardinals won again to take the first two games and expand their lead in the NL Central to seven games over the Pirates.

The squirrel and bird made their on-field appearances during the first inning. Perhaps the Cards will leave them tickets at will-call tonight.







(h/t Sporting News)


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