Rockies commit humiliating error when two men attempt cover first base

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 9, 2016

The Colorado Rockies are one of the better fielding teams in MLB, committing just 31 errors in 59 games for a fielding percentage of .986 -- 12th in the majors. That number dropped on Wednesday night after one of the most embarrassing errors of the season.

With the score tied 0-0 in the bottom of the fifth against the Dodgers, pitcher Kenta Maeda dropped down a bunt to third base. It was an easy play for Nolan Arenado to make, but he had two targets at first for some reason. Second baseman DJ LeMahieu decided to cover first despite the fact that first baseman Daniel Descalso was already occupying the bag.

LeMahieu caught the throw but stepped off the bag, and it was too late to pass the ball to Descalso, resulting in an error that loaded the bases. 

"We both covered the bag. I knew I had time to get back there," Descalso said after the game. "We're both saying 'I got it, I got it' and neither of us gave way to the other. I probably should have just let him have it, but I knew I had time get back there. Just a miscommunication."

Fortunately, no damage was done as the Rockies went on to win 1-0 and move to within four games of the second-place Dodgers in the NL West.

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