Pantless man invades the infield, gets taken down by Brewers security

BY Allyssa Lee • June 9, 2017

Milwaukee fans got to see a little more than just major league baseball when a man took to the field without his pants at the Brewers-Giants game Thursday afternoon at Miller Park.

Paolo Espino was at the plate at the, ahem, bottom of the second inning when a visitor decided to doff his pants and give Milwaukee a show.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the bottom-less intruder appeared to streak his way toward Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford before a security guard took him down with a fierce tackle.

Here is a photo of security after they apprehended the half-naked streaker, who looks to be wearing a shirt, an undershirt and socks, but decidedly no bottoms:

Brewers security may have a heck of a time getting to the bottom of why a man ran across the field without his trousers, commando.

The Giants ended up winning the game in 10 innings, 9-5.

The end.

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