Hanley Ramirez didn't appreciate Coco Crisp messing with his dirt at first

May 10, 2016

When it comes to the area around first base, it's "owned" by the guy covering the bag. So for the Boston Red Sox, it's Hanley Ramirez, who's actually played extremely well at his new position. But on Monday night against the Oakland Athletics, a former Red Sox outfielder did his best to mess with Ramirez.

Coco Crisp played in Boston for three short years, stealing 70 bases in that time. So on Monday, he was doing some landscaping at first, preparing to possibly take off for second.

However, Ramirez didn't appreciate Crisp wrecking his area, and after anxiously watching, Ramirez went back and undid Crisp's work.

It made for a funny exchange between the two, which ended with a big smile from Crisp. He never did steal second, but he finished the game 2-for-3 with three runs scored and an RBI, reaching base five times. In other words, he and Ramirez got to know each other.