Cardinals' Martinez shows off near no-hitter he threw in 'MLB the Show'

BY foxsports • September 10, 2015

Figuring out what to do with the free time between starts is a big question for MLB starting pitchers. Travel time, downtime, and just generally the time spent doing anything other than on-field drills and other job-related activities is up to them. 

Apparently, St. Louis Cardinals fireballer Carlos Martinez enjoys playing 'MLB the Show' as himself and sharing the results on Instagram.

In this case, pixel-version Martinez managed to nearly toss a no-hitter during a gaming session a few months ago, allowing just one base hit and racking up 16 strikeouts in the process. Presumably inspired by the video on his phone, he decided to share the postgame scene on his Instagram page on Thursday:

The next time Martinez takes the mound for the Cards, pay attention: watching that video game version of himself mow down hitter after hitter was probably pretty motivational.

(h/t Instagram)