Brewers' Eric Thames, Corey Knebel and Oliver Drake visit MillerCoors Brewery

BY Fansided and Bobby Mueller/FanSided via Call to the Pen • June 30, 2017

Three Milwaukee Brewers players started the process of creating a unique beer for a special night at Miller Park later this summer.

As reported recently, three Milwaukee Brewers players—Eric Thames, Corey Knebel and Oliver Drake—are creating a beer for a special theme night at Miller Park later this summer. They got started on Monday when they visited the MillerCoors facility for a tour and to learn about the process of making beer. The important work was done in the Flying Hippo innovation room at MillerCoors' Technical College.

The three Milwaukee players have very different levels of experience when it comes to beer. Relief pitcher Corey Knebel has home-brewed his own beers for the last few years. He knows the process and was excited about seeing the inner workings of the brewery. First baseman Eric Thames doesn't have the experience of Knebel in brewing his own beer, but does love to drink a good brew. Reliever Oliver Drake is probably the least experienced of the three, but is enthusiastic about being part of the activities.

So what can fans expect of the beer created by Thames, Knebel and Drake? It definitely won't be a light beer or a fruity beer. Thames prefers IPAs and Belgians. He said, per

"I like heavy beers. I feel like, with one or two, you can enjoy the taste, you feel good a little bit and that's it; you're not going to drink 15 or 20 beers, like you're drinking light nasty beers."

Knebel, with his home-brewing experience, agreed. He's not a fan of light beers and doesn't drink fruity beers.

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    Before coming to the facility, Thames had submitted his "wish list" for what he was looking for in a beer as far as taste, appearances, style and aroma. At the plant, the players chose the hops they preferred. According to Drake, their choice was based on the aroma, with the hope that a good tasting beer would be the result. Based on the hops they selected and their preferences for a heavier beer, it's likely the final result will be an IPA with an ABV around seven percent.

    The name of the beer and the date of the game when it will be made available is yet to be determined. The Brewers have a "Revere the Beerd T-shirt night" giveaway scheduled for June 19. The shirts will feature an outline of Thames' face. When asked about the name of the beer being created, Thames mentioned "probably something with the beard." Beards are big in Brewtown these days.

    Of course, Thames and company might not be so popular if the Brewers weren't leading the NL Central by a game-and-a-half at the moment. The team was expected to win around 75 games this year but is off to a 25-20 start that has been powered by one of the best offenses in the NL. With 236 runs scored, the Brewers are tied for third in the league, along with the Airzona Diamondbacks. Only the Colorado Rockies and Washington Nationals have scored more runs.

    The Brewers are off to a great start despite Ryan Braun missing more than week with a calf injury and Opening Day starter Junior Guerra pitching just three innings so far this year. Braun returned to the lineup recently and Guerra is expected to be activated from the DL on Friday. If the Brewers can continue on their current pace, there will be much to celebrate at the game when the beer created by Thames, Knebel and Drake is released.

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