Full-length Replay: Bracing for a Wild Spring Transfer Portal and Takeaways from Ohio State’s Spring Game

Fox Sports’ lead college football analyst Joel Klatt explains why the upcoming Spring Transfer Portal has college football coaches around the country in a panic. He details why the lack of guidelines around transfers has caused this Portal window to become a leverage point for players. Klatt lays out his solutions to solve this unsustainable model for the good of the sport, its programs and its players. Joel then recaps his time at Ohio State this past week, including the buzz surrounding #1 overall recruit WR Jeremiah Smith. He also gives his takeaways from the Spring Game on FOX and his early thoughts on the Buckeyes in 2024. Klatt wraps up the podcast by answering mailbag questions including the story of when he and Dan Orlovsky faced off on the baseball diamond while at Detroit Lions training camp.

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