Pereira: Illegal bat is not a reviewable play

The NFL might have one of next offseason’s first orders of business after Seattle’s 13-10 victory over visiting Detroit on Monday night. 

While the league typically expands the list of reviewable calls, it does so after controversy strikes. Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright’s illegal bat is not a reviewable play, FOX Sports 1 NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira said. 

The league may revisit that ruling following a play that had the impact of costing the Detroit Lions another opportunity at the game. 

With Seattle leading 13-10 and Detroit at the Seahawks’ 11-yard line, the Lions faced a third-and-1 with 1:51 to go. Detroit wideout Calvin Johnson caught a Matthew Stafford short pass near the 8 and headed toward the end zone, but Seattle safety Kam Chancellor knocked the ball free from Johnson at the 1.

The ball bounced into the end zone where Seattle’s Wright pushed the ball out of bounds, past the back line. The officials ruled it a touchback, giving Seattle the ball at the 20.

With just two timeouts left, it was all but over for the Lions, especially when the Seahawks recorded a first down on their third play after the fumble.

But Wright should have been called for illegal touching on hitting the ball out of the end zone and Detroit should have been facing first-and-goal at the 1.

"Now that you look at it, we we’re fortunate," Seattle coach Pete Carroll told reporters after the game.

The Seahawks improved to 2-2, while Detroit remained the only winless team at 0-4.