Russell Wilson has a radical idea to avoid ties like the Seahawks-Cardinals debacle

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The NFL experienced its first tie since 2014 on Sunday night, when the Seahawks and Cardinals failed to his chip-shot field goals in overtime in an excruciating 6-6 final.

After 75 minutes of action, the teams combined for just four field goals and nothing was really decided, leaving many to wonder how the NFL can avoid ties in the future.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson offered his own suggestion to make sure there’s a winner — and it is very unconventional.

“Let's say we're the away team. We win the coin toss, we get the ball on the 35-yard line going in. You kick one field goal,” Wilson said, via ESPN. “You can't do anything else but a field goal. You make the field goal, the game's over. If you miss the field goal, the game's over and the other team wins.

“I just think that if you play that long, you're putting your lives on the line. You should find a way to win. I don't like ending in a tie.”

Can’t argue with Wilson’s plea for safety, but this idea will probably be meet with raised eyebrows. The NFL wants to make the game more enjoyable for viewers and safer for players, but it’s highly unlikely that this suggestion will get any traction.