Patrick Mahomes II, QB, Texas Tech: 2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report

 Quite possibly the most polarizing prospect in this draft class, Patrick Mahomes II is certainly fun to watch. The question is, can he make the transition from a great college football player to a great NFL player?

Patrick Mahomes II, native of Tyler, TX, is coming off a huge season that saw him lead the FBS in passing yards (5,052) and total touchdowns (53).


Standing at 6’3″, 230lbs, Mahomes has the desired size and build for an NFL quarterback and is incredibly fun to watch. He can make all the throws accurately, even on the run. He has a cannon for an arm and he’s able to utilize it with an amazing deep ball.

Mahomes throws with anticipation, makes quick reads and great decisions, however, it could be argued that his college offense put him in the position to do so.

Inconsistent mechanics, but what cannot be doubted is Mahomes’ ability to throw the ball accurately and on time without proper form or technique. He gets it done – I saw numerous slant routes thrown with just his wrist, he’s a magician.

The junior is always looking to throw, however, if there is nothing that he likes, he showcased great mobility whilst at Texas Tech. In three years for the Red Raiders, Mahomes ran for 845 yards and 22TD’s.

Seems to have an aura similar to Cam Newton – the ability to rejuvenate a losing franchise – Texas Tech were not bowl eligible this past season, however, team captain Mahomes consistently put up points and gave them opportunities to win.


Mahomes played in a spread offense at Texas Tech. At its core, the spread offense is incredibly simple. It looks to create mismatches and outnumber defenders, with the quarterback only having to read small parts of the field. In the NFL, you have to be able to see the entire field.

Despite having a cannon for an arm, there aren’t many down the field sideline throws. Again, that could be attributed to the offensive system.

Inconsistent mechanics, however, cannot be attributed to the offense. There are times when Mahomes throws with good form and technique, and there are others where you simply wonder how he got the ball away accurately.

With regards to his mechanics, I saw multiple things that you wouldn’t want to see with a quarterback, especially one regarded so highly. Here’s a list of the issues that I encountered;

  • Hopping Before Throw
  • Switching Feet/Stance Prior To Throw
  • Narrow Base
  • Crossing Wrong Foot While Dropping Back
  • Throwing Off His Front Foot W/Elevated Back Leg
  • Won’t Step Into Certain Throws – Throws With Just Wrist

Projection: Round 1-2

Patrick Mahomes is a winner and will only be 21 years old on draft night. He may be a bit of a gunslinger at times, but his upside his enormous. If a team can coach and develop him effectively, watch out.

I really, really like Patrick Mahomes. The gap between his floor and his ceiling is gargantuan, but I would not be opposed to a first-round selection.

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