Moss: Deflategate caused ’emotional scar’ for Pats’ Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has an "emotional scar" after dealing with this offseason’s Deflategate, his former teammate Randy Moss said on Sunday.

Moss, who was at the team’s practice in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., earlier this week, spent some time with Brady and took away a few observations.

"Anytime that the spotlight is on you, there’s a concern," Moss said. "Just with talking with Tom the last couple months, I think he is handling it like a professional, but at the same time he is still affected by it.

"Tom Brady is OK. He is human. He does have somewhat an emotional scar because I don’t think that Tom Brady has ever been through anything like this."

Brady has been dealing with the aftermath of what occurred during the AFC Championship Game for more than seven months. 

Moss, of course, also spoke about the topic of a possible return to the NFL, which he didn’t rule out.