One Thing to Watch: It’s National Awkward Moments Day – let’s awkwardly celebrate the past decade

With the NBA, NHL, NASCAR and other major sports leagues and sporting events suspended or canceled, what better time to take a look back at some iconic sports moments? Each day, we’ll deliver One Thing to Watch.

It’s National Awkward Moments Day!

We all know that feeling when your stomach has dropped, your palms are sweaty, and all eyes are on you.

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Now, imagine that feeling while being a professional athlete, performing in front of millions of fans.

No thanks.

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Well, luckily that’s not most of us. Instead, we just get to enjoy those funny failures.

Let’s celebrate National Awkward Moments Day with the top 10 awkward moments from the decade!

10. Tom Brady‘s high fives

The winningest quarterback in NFL history can do a lot of things – except get a high five from his teammate.

It was so bad, they made a virtual version:

You’d think after six Super Bowl Championships, his fellow footballers would show him a little bit of love.

9. Brandon Weeden American Flag situation

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden got himself into a bit of a situation pregame. He decided to climb underneath the American Flag, and got himself stuck.

8. Kent State Andre Parker’s fumble return

You know that moment when you finally get the ball and you’re ridiculously excited? It’s your time to shine and you just go for it?

Well, Andre Parker went for it a little too much.

Parker scooped up a muffed punt and ran it 58 yards – in the wrong direction. Luckily, the play was called back, but the memory will live on forever.

7. Pro golfer’s water shot

Talk about dedication.

After hitting a shot into a water hazard, Danish golfler Andreas Harto had to improvise.

First the shoes. Then, then socks. Finally, the pants.

6. John Wall’s First Pitch

Should we tell him that baseballs don’t bounce?

Stick to dropping dimes on the court, John.

5. The Prince Fielder flop

Missed it by that much.

In a game against the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder was caught in a rundown between bases and attempted to make it back to third.

We know a lot about sliding in baseball. Flopping is a new one.

4. Failed Lambeau leap

More like Lambeau let-down.

Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn couldn’t get the liftoff for the celebratory leap after scoring a one-yard touchdown during an NFC Wild Card game.

3. Morales walk-off slam and broken leg

Leaps are just not going well for these athletes.

Kendry Morales of the Los Angeles Angels hit the game-wing grand slam in the Angels’ 5-1 victory against the Seattle Mariners.

As rounded third into home, his victory hop quickly turned into a hobble.

2. Nick Young and the layup to nowhere

Ever heard the phrase ‘a little bit goes along way?’

In a game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards guard Nick Young got the ball, went in for the layup…and the rest is history.

1. The Butt Fumble

The granddaddy of them all!