Exclusive: Jay Glazer reveals more video showing how Tom Brady’s jersey was stolen

Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey has been recovered, and now we’re learning more about the theft on the night of the New England Patriots’ historic win.

FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer joined “The Herd” on Tuesday to reveal more footage from the Super Bowl, showing the suspect, Martin Mauricio Ortega, before and after the theft.

Glazer reports that Ortega, a former director of Mexican tabloid La Prensa who described himself to his peers as an avid memorabilia collector, may be behind the theft of more memorabilia, including Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl XLIX and Von Miller’s helmet from Super Bowl L, both of which also have been recovered.

There still are about seven minutes of unreleased footage from when the actual crime occurred. Glazer reveals what happened in that span and what’s next in the case, all in the video above.