2017 NFL Draft Underrated Prospect: Adrian Colbert, Miami (FL)

Dec 28, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; Miami Hurricanes defensive back Rayshawn Jenkins (26) celebrates with  defensive back Adrian Colbert (25) after a play in the second half against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Camping World Stadium. The Miami Hurricanes won 31-14. Mandatory Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again! The 2017 NFL Draft is getting closer and closer and my job is to bring you some of the Underrated prospects! Next up, Miami (FL) defensive back, Adrian Colbert!

Most of the time, you’ll watch the Miami Hurricanes and see a bunch of crushing hits. Whether it be, Corn Elder or Rayshawn Jenkins, the hits just keep on coming. What about Adrian Colbert though? He’s one of their defensive backs that nobody talks about. It won’t be for long until other NFL Draft experts take notice.

Over the last week, I got the chance to ask Adrian Colbert some questions and his answers were simple. He seems like a simple young man who just wants to thrive at the next level. With his toughness, work ethic and already established ability, I think it can happen. Will he become a name that gets thrown in there with defensive backs like Malik Hooker, Quincy Wilson and Jamal Adams?  To be honest, no, but I think he’s a sleeper in this draft.

Initially, Adrian Colbert signed to play at Texas but with injuries and some of his defensive coaches leaving, he felt it was best to go play at ‘The U’. While transferring schools, he also made the transition from safety to cornerback. He finished the 2016 season with 7 games played and totaled 22 tackles, one interception and three pass deflections. Not bad for a player who has struggled with staying healthy.

That’s one of the biggest question marks for Adrian Colbert going into the 2017 NFL Draft. The injuries even date back to when he was a kid. At the age of 9, he was in a bicycle accident and spent more than a week in a coma. He then has the scars from surgery on a broken arm and meniscus tear in his knee. However, despite all that, he’s still standing and playing strong. No doubt, he’s one of the toughest guys on the gridiron.

Could Adrian Colbert make another positional switch after the 2017 NFL Draft?

One thing that will help Adrian Colbert at the next level is the transition back to safety. I understand that switching back and forth is never good for a player. But in this case, I think that’s the best thing for him. Even he believes his technique has been his biggest weakness as a cornerback. Unfortunately, I’d have to agree. He’s not terrible with his backpedal but there’s no fluidness when turning his hips. That has to improve for him to stay at the cornerback position, especially if you have average ball skills, like he does.

You can never question his ‘big hit’ ability, though. Time and time again, he will come down and demolish anyone in his way. The only time he’s struggled with tackling a player, is a bigger or more elusive running back. Even then, he’s not afraid to come up and make the tackle. At times, it’s as if he’s doing his best Earl Thomas impression, after all, that’s his favorite player in the league.

Despite wanting to intercept Tom Brady, he might want to play for the New England Patriots so he can cover his cousin. Marquise Goodwin of the Buffalo Bills is his cousin and he said he would love to cover him in man coverage. Needless to say, that would be an interesting matchup but a fun one to watch.

Every day, Adrian Colbert is trying to get better. One way he tries to improve his game is from watching a lot of film. Not just film on himself or teammates but of some of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. At 6’2 and 205 lbs., he compares himself to Richard Sherman because of their comparable size. With that being said, I have him slotted to go in the 5th round of the 2017 NFL Draft, just like Richard Sherman did in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Personally, I can’t compare Adrian Colbert to Richard Sherman because I believe he should be a safety at the next level. If he were to make that transition, I could see him becoming similar to Louis Delmas of the Miami Dolphins.

As I stated earlier, Adrian Colbert is a simple man. He’d like to take his parents out to a nice dinner once he gets drafted. He loves football because of the physical nature, the fans and what you learn from the game. Adrian Colbert will become one of the underrated prospects in this draft, especially if he can stay healthy. His transition to the NFL will be a fun one to watch. Best of luck moving forward, Adrian. Thank you for your time and welcome to The Underrated!

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