Feud Of The Week: NASCAR Nation Vs. Donovan McNabb

NASCAR really is like a family.

There’s bickering. There’s jealously. There are rivalries. There are cries of favoritism.

But heaven help anyone who attacks the family from the outside. Because that person will get savaged by the whole family, even the ones who don’t like each other.

Rolling into Homestead-Miami Speedway, there was the usual amount of pissing and moaning by the anti-Jimmie Johnson crowd, tired of seeing the No. 48 about to win the big prize for a sixth time.

And, yes, the Haterade was consumed by the gallon in South Florida.

Until Friday night, that is.

That’s when former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb proclaimed that drivers aren’t athletes.

And that’s when the NASCAR Nation went all medieval on him.

NASCAR fans know that drivers are athletes and no one works harder at conditioning than Johnson, a fitness fanatic.

But McNabb compounded his gaffe on Saturday when he Tweeted:

Guess what? A lot of people did look it up.

And here’s what some of them said:

Early Monday morning, McNabb took a different approach and praised Johnson for his sixth title.

How did NASCAR Nation respond? Pretty much the same.

The lesson? It’s best not to anger NASCAR Nation. They don’t forget.