McGwire back on job after birth of triplets

St. Louis Cardinals batting coach Mark McGwire is back on the

job, after missing two games following the birth of triplets to his

wife earlier in the week.

Stephanie McGwire had three daughters by Cesarean section on

Tuesday, and after a day of recovery the couple named them Monet

Rose, Marlo Rose and Monroe Rose. McGwire said their astrological

sign is Gemini, and the Gemini flower is the rose, plus he’s always

liked that name anyway.

McGwire said all the infants, born five weeks premature and all

weighing under 5 pounds, were doing well. He said Stephanie McGwire

was doing well, also.

McGwire has six children, including one by previous marriage,

with first names all beginning with the initial “M,” also

including Matthew, Max and Mason.