WWE Survivor Series 2016 Results: Tag Team Elimination Match Video Highlights

What happened when SmackDown’s five best tag teams faced against Raw’s five best tag teams at Survivor Series in a tag team elimination match?

With bragging rights at stake, Team Smackdown’s The Usos, Heath Slater and Rhyno, The Hype Bros, American Alpha and Breezango took on Team Raw’s The New Day, Gallows and Anderson, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, The Shining Stars and Cesaro and Sheamus, in a tag team elimination match. This took place at Survivor Series.

The match kicked off with Fandango and Kofi Kingston in the ring. We wouldn’t have to wait long for a pin because Kingston hit Fandango with a kick and pinned him to eliminate Breezango from the match.

Then only a moments later Jimmy Uso, hit Kingston with a superkick and pinned him. The New Day were the first team eliminated from Team Raw.

Next up Epico came into the ring and Mojo Rawley tossed him around. After finding space, Epico tagged in Primo and they hit Rawley with a double DDT.

Moments later, Rawley tagged in Zach Ryder and he hit Karl Anderson with a missile dropkick, but after a distraction from Luke Gallows, they hit Ryder with the Magic Killer. Then Anderson pinned Ryder and eliminated the Hype Bros.

Next up Chad Gable entered the match. After being pinned into the corner by Anderson. The Shining Stars began to attack Gable relentlessly.

After finding space, Gable tagged in his teammate Jason Jordan and they hit Primo with a top rope bulldog. Jordan pinned Primo and eliminated The Shining Stars.

After a scramble on the outside of the ring. Anderson hit Jordan with the Magic Killer and pinned him to eliminate American Alpha.

Then Gallows accidentally knocked Enzo Amore off of the apron. Heath Slater used this distraction to tag in Rhyno who hit Gallows with the Gore. Rhyno pinned Gallows and eliminated him and Anderson.

In the midst of all the action, Enzo Amore caught Rhyno and pinned him. SmackDown’s tag team champions were eliminated.

With only the Usos left for SmackDown, they eliminated Enzo Amore and Big Cass after Jimmy Uso hit him with a huge Samoan Splash from the top rope.

Next Sheamus entered the ring and quickly beat up Jimmy Uso. He hit Jey Uso with a Brogue kick, but Jimmy Uso was able to disrupt the pin to keep his team alive.

After hitting Jimmy Uso with the White Noise, Jey Uso went up to the top rope and hit Sheamus with a big splash. Just when it seemed like The Usos would win, Cesaro ran in and broke the pin.

Cesaro then hit Jimmy Uso with a dropkick and knocked him off the top turnbuckle. With Jey Uso on the ground, Cesaro hit him with a diving cross body, but the Uso kicked out.

Cesaro then hit Jimmy Uso with his signature swing. Thanks to a distraction from his brother, Jimmy Uso worked a submission move on Cesaro.

The Swiss superman then reversed the submission move into the Sharpshooter. With Jey Uso in the center of the ring, he had no choice but to tap out after Sheamus hit his brother with a Brogue kick. So in the end, Team Raw won the tag team elimination match at Survivor Series.

Did you think Team Raw was going to win the match?

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