WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Results: Roman Reigns vs. Rusev Video Highlights

Check out the video highlights from the US Championship match between Roman Reigns and Rusev at WWE Hell in a Cell.

The long-running feud between Rusev and Roman Reigns reached a boiling point. After losing the US Championship to Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions, Rusev’s quest for vengeance led to a Hell in a Cell match to finally settle the score.

Tensions between Reigns and Rusev date back to August, when Reigns interrupted Rusev’s wedding celebration. As the weeks went on, Rusev and Reigns engaged in several physical confrontations.

Originally, they were set to face off at SummerSlam, but the tussle broke down into a brawl. As a result, the match was thrown out, and a rematch was set for WWE Clash of Champions. Fast forward to the bout, and the two finally got in the ring with one another. Roman managed to prevail, despite Rusev and Lana’s best efforts.

Reigns became the new US Champion, and Rusev became obsessed with winning the belt back. Roman obliged Rusev’s request for a rematch, but demanded that it be in the Hell in a Cell. Raw management approved the request, and the match was set.

The Cell descended to open the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view match, as Rusev and Reigns set to do battle.

After both men entered, the refs locked the Cell door, and the match began. The two went back and forth with a barrage of strikes until Rusev sent Reigns outside the ring. Rusev and Reigns tried tossing one another into the Cell, but neither was successful.

It wasn’t until Reigns knocked Rusev off the apron that the Cell came into play. Roman was off to the races, hurling Reigns into the Cell numerous times. And if that wasn’t enough, Reigns utilized the steel steps to his advantage as well.

Next, Reigns went to find a table; however, Rusev found his second wind and took control of the match.

Despite suffering a laceration on his arm, Rusev was unrelenting with his offense. The attack was methodical, but Reigns battled back.

It almost seemed like Reigns was going to take over, but the Bulgarian Brute regained his composure. Using the steel steps, Rusev continued his assault. Taking after Reigns, Rusev under the ring to find another weapon: a kendo stick.

Before he could use it, though, Reigns stunned Rusev and assumed to the stick. After Reigns unleashed numerous shots on Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute tangled Roman in the ring ropes. Reigns fought out, however, and connected with a Superman Punch.

The two men fought back and forth thereafter, and Reigns landed another Superman Punch. But that still wouldn’t be enough to get the pin on Rusev. Reigns tried to follow up with a Spear, but Rusev hit a superkick. Then he followed that up with sending Reigns into the steel steps stacked in the corner. Yet, that wouldn’t be enough to pin Reigns.

Rusev didn’t let up, and locked in the Accolade. Reigns tried reaching for the ropes, and would manage to fight out of the hold; however, Rusev caught Reigns in his tracks with another kick.

Desperate, Rusev looked under the ring again and pulled out a steel chain. Reigns was able to avoid an initial strike, but Rusev eventually landed some chain shots on Reigns. Rusev leveraged the steel steps again as well, yet Reigns continued to survive.

Taking things to the next level, Rusev dragged Reigns onto the steps, and used the chain to lock in the Accolade. Somehow, Reigns fought out of it and landed a Samoan Drop on the steps.

Rusev was first to his feet, but Reigns connected with a last-ditch Spear, enabling him to get the pin on Rusev. Roman Reigns retained the US Championship, winning his second Hell in a Cell match.

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