WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Results: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins Video Highlights

What happened when WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins faced off for the title at WWE Hell in a Cell 2016?

Kevin Owens’ reign as the WWE Universal champion has not been amazing, but he got the chance to show his toughness against Seth Rollins inside the cell on Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

The two wrestlers took the match outside of the ring earlier on. Rollins threw Owens into the cell walls multiple times. Rollins took control of the match, forcing Owens into the corner and hitting with a barrage of punches.

After laying Owens on the ground, Rollins went outside of the ring and pulled a table from under the ring. He was able to set up the table on the outside, but Owens capitalized on this opening to target Rollins’ injured back.

Owens took Rollins out of the ring, where he utilized the cell and the ring posts to wear down Rollins. He dragged Rollins back into the ring and continued to work on his back with kicks.

After Rollins tried to mount a comeback, Owens launched him face-first into the cell from the inside of the ring. He then continued to push Rollin’s face into the cell walls.

Rollins looked hopeless in the ring. It seemed like he could never catch a break, but then he found an opening. The two men exchanged multiple kicks to the face but neither man would go down. Then Owens ended the sequence by hitting Rollins with a powerful clothesline.

Owens left the ring to catch his breath after this, where he brought out another table and placed it directly between the ring and the cell.

Even with an injured back, Rollins hit Owens with a suplex right on the apron. Then he hit the champion with two suicide dives from inside of the ring.

After making it back to his feet, Owens hit Rollins with a fire extinguisher right in his ribs. He then hit the referee in the eyes with the smoke from the extinguisher.

This injured the referee, causing the assistant referee to open the cell to check up on him. Chris Jericho used this opportunity to come into the cell and lock himself in.

Rollins pushed the distracted Jericho into the cell, but Owens used the opening to hit Rollins with a backbreaker. The two men then battled on the top rope where, Rollins won the exchange and hit Owens with a top rope Neckbreaker.

Before Rollins could hit Owens with the Pedigree, Jericho interfered. Rollins preceded to hit Jericho the Pedigree, but then Owens tried to hit Rollins with a powerbomb. The two men struggled to gain control, but then Rollins picked him up Owens and powerbombed him through the two tables on the outside of the ring.

Rollins dragged Owens into the ring and he went up to the top rope and hit Owens with a Frog Splash, but Jericho pulled the referee away before he could count to three. Rollins then went to work on Jericho.

He threw Jericho into the steel cell walls multiple times. Owens then used this opportunity to hit Rollins with his signature Pop-up Powerbomb, but Rollins still somehow kicked out at two.

After making it back up on his feet, Jericho gave Owens a chair from the outside. Owens hit Rollins with the steel chair multiple times on his injured back. Rollins somehow found the strength to fight back, but then Owens hit him with a DDT directly onto a steel chair.

Owens picked up Rollins and Powerbombed him through two steel chairs. He then pinned Owens to win the match and retain the WWE Universal Championship. After the match, Jericho hit Rollins with a Codebreaker.

Owens won the match with interference from Jericho and thanks to that, this feud is far from over. It will probably carry over all the way until Survivor Series, but we can expect to see a match between Rollins and Jericho before then.

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