Sasha Banks Wins Women’s Championship on WWE Raw

Sasha Banks just defeated Charlotte for the third time to win the Raw Women’s Championship on Raw.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte have feuded for most of this past year. They’ve had countless title matches, main evented WWE Hell in a Cell, and had an actual Hell in a Cell bout, and put on epic encounters.

Most recently, Charlotte beat Banks to win back the Raw Women’s Championship in Boston, MA, the hometown of the Boss. This came as a surprise since her second title reign had just been getting underway. It set up an inevitable rematch, which got scheduled for the November 28 episode of Raw.

Well, on Monday night’s show, there would be two matches. The first resulted in a double count-out. General Manager Mick Foley then restarted the bout, but for the main event of the evening. He made this a Falls Count Anywhere match, something rarely, if ever seen in the WWE women’s division.

So, in the headliner of Raw, Sasha and Charlotte squared off for the belt. The action eventually went to the audience, and after a grueling-looking Bank Statement, Banks won the women’s title via submission.

Ric Flair then celebrated with Sasha in the ring.

Given all the title changes in this feud, having it happen one more time came off as shocking. But it seems like WWE decided to have Banks go over in Charlotte’s hometown, just like what happened nearly one month ago, except the other way around. It means we are in for one more installment of this rivalry, unless WWE decides to end it after preaching the “this is the end of this feud” line multiple times on Monday evening.

Roadblock: End of the Line will probably feature Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks, one last time, if it actually is the final match. One would think a title change wouldn’t take place, but with the volatility of the Raw Women’s Championship’s booking, anything is possible. It’s not groundbreaking analysis, but WWE has made this belt unpredictable throughout the fall.

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