Cris Carter’s advice for Cavs owner Dan Gilbert: ‘I would trade LeBron James if he doesn’t opt into his contract’

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Drawing upon the Cleveland Cavaliers' volatile season with drama inside the locker room and the difficulties integrating Isaiah Thomas, Cris Carter reveals how he would handle LeBron James if he were the Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert heading into the trade deadline. Is trading The King the best for The Land?

CRIS CARTER: You say Dan Gilbert is running the team now. He wants to be the puppet master. Jerry Jones-ish. Right?

NICK WRIGHT: That's what he said. He wants to be the NBA's Jerry Jones. This clown.

CRIS CARTER: OK. When's the trade deadline?

JENNA WOLFE: February.

- Two days from today.

- OK. I go to LeBron tomorrow to ask him, is he going to be in Cleveland.

- You're Dan Gilbert.

- I'm Dan Gilbert.

JENNA WOLFE: All right.

- LeBron tells me, no I can't give you that answer. I say then, no problem, LeBron. I need you to--

- Waive your no trade.

- I need you to waive your no trade, and I'm getting ready to trade you. I would trade LeBron James 24 hours before the trade deadline. If he doesn't opt into the contract, I'm going to trade him. I'm going to take the phone and say, anybody want LeBron James, give me your best offer.


- Because that would leave the franchise in better shape in March than it's going to be now in June.