Vitor Belfort willing to rematch Nate Marquardt after he made 'excuses' about the loss

June 12, 2017

After teasing his retirement, Vitor Belfort is not only sticking around the UFC but he's even willing to run back his last fight after his opponent was not happy with the decision.

Belfort defeated Nate Marquardt at UFC 212 albeit in a very close decision, but the 40-year old veteran doesn't want to hear about how he had the hometown advantage since they were fighting in Brazil.

Marquardt has expressed his displeasure with the decision that was rendered that night so Belfort has responded with an offer for a rematch.

In fact, Belfort is willing to fight Marquardt outside of Brazil so that way the former Strikeforce champion can't make up any more excuses about why he lost.

"I respect Nate Marquardt a lot but finding excuses for a loss, it is not right," Belfort wrote on Instagram. "I won the fight for sure and fighting in Brazil doesn't make a difference for the organization and the judges. As far as I'm concerned, UFC is an international organization that has events and staff all over the world.

"But if you want to do it again, I am down for it! Let's fight in a neutral ground so you can't complain about hometown advantage. I will make sure that the fight will not go to the last round. Let's do it!"

Obviously, Belfort takes exception to the idea that he was gifted a decision win so it looks like he's ready to rematch Marquardt to prove he was the better man that night.

Of course the decision to rebook the fight ultimately lies with the UFC, but Belfort is on board and there's little doubt Marquardt would jump at the chance to avenge the loss on his record.