UFC 149: Barao defeats Faber

BY foxsports • July 21, 2012

Urijah Faber (26-5, 135) vs. Renan Barao (30-1, 1 no contest,135) for the interim bantamweight title

Round Five

Faber tries to catch the leg of Barao but is unsuccessful. Barao lands a counter left on Faber. Faber is trying to mount offense but he just doesn't seem to be able to hit Barao in a way that hurts him. Faber throwing some jabs but its not the type of offense that's going to set up the knockout he needs. Barao is throwing his hand up and then throwing dynamite with the other - including a nasty left hook. Faber rushes in and mounts some offense but its soon back to Barao dismantling the former poster-boy of the lighter weight classes. Barao connects with a hard right cross and very nearly gets a spinning back kick. I have that 50-45 to Barao on my scorecard. All three judges have similar lopsided scores for an ecstatic Renan Barao who does an hilariously over the top celebration.

Renan Barao defeated Urjiah Faber to become Interim Bantamweight Champion via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 49-46)

Round Four

Faber connects with a Muay Thai knee and goes for a single leg, but Barao doesn't seem hurt by the former and stuffs the latter. Barao being very patient, just throwing enough to outpoint a Faber who seemingly cannot get any offense going tonight. The fight is interrupted when Faber suffers an eyepoke. Barao just stalking Faber down, connecting with leg kicks and power punches. Faber mounts a comeback but it just doesn't seem to bother Barao. Barao lands some nice hooks to the body and is on top as the round ends. 40-36.

Round Three

Faber tries to land some overhand punches but it doesn't do much damage to Barao. Barao however does land some heavy shots from Barao immediately afterwards. Barao goes for a kick but slips. Faber connects with a right hand. Faber lands some front kicks. Faber connects with a straight right. Barao connects with a left and again goes for the flying knee. Barao with a leg kick. Faber goes for a takedown but its stuff by Barao. Faber connects with an uppercut but it doesn't to bother Barao. Barao really stepping up the leg kicks in the second half of this round and it looks like they're starting to take their toll on Faber. Another round for Barao. 30-27

Round Two

Barao connects with a right hand after backing Faber up with a fast boxing combination. Faber is really struggling to land anything significant on Barao whose movement and aggression is dictating where the fight takes place. Barao again goes for the flying knee, following it up with a left hook. Barao comes agonizingly close to connecting with a high kick. Barao doing a good job of mixing kicks into his offense to keep Faber at distance. Barao followed up a heavy jab with a nasty right leg kick. Barao follows it up with another leg kick after getting the better of Faber in a quick boxing exchange. This is not look good for Faber. 20-18

Round One

Barao misses with a high kick but grazes with a second. Barao fakes for a leg kick. Faber tries to charge in but just eat some punches for his trouble. Faber tries for a front kick but misses. Barao connects with his. Faber connects with a leg kick. They exchange high kicks. Barao misses with a spinning back kick. Faber trying to keep moving and prevent Barao connect with a leg kick. Barao connects with a spinning back kick and then ended up on the wrong of end of a knee to the mid-section. Faber still in there but hasn't really been able to get any offense going yet. Barao almost lands a big right hand to the head of Faber. They trade leg kicks. Barao's round 10-9.

Tim Boetsch (15-4, 186) vs. Hector Lombard (31-2-1, 1 no contest, 185.5)

Round Three

Lombard still being passive as he's content to fight at distance against Boetsch. Boetsch attempts a superman punch but it misses and he eats a left hand for his trouble. Boetsch goes for a takedown but Lombard is able to sprawl. Lombard goes for a throw but doesn't secure top position. Boetsch connects with a front kick. Boetsch tries to go inside but again Lombard is the equal to it. Their battling for position up against the cage and Lombard slams Boetsch to the ground. Boetsch quickly gets back up and lands a knee as the round end. That's the third fight to completely fall apart in the third round. As with the previous two fights I have no idea how to score the final round - nothing really was happening except nothing strikes from Boetsch and Lombard's wrestling. I probably give it to Boetsch as he was slightly more aggressive. So I have 29-28 to Lombard. Two judges disagree with me however and give the decision to Lombard.

Tim Boetsch defeated Hector Lombard via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Round Two

Lombard begins with a one-two combination, following up soon after with an overhand left. Lombard backs Boetsch up with a straight jab and overhand left. Lombard starting to land more on Boetsch who's left eye seems to be closing. I write that and then we get a long spell where Lombard doesn't really throw anything, instead happy to back up Boetsch up and wait for the moment to strike. He connects with a uppercut and a right cross. Lombard connects with a kick to the body and gets the American to the ground. He doesn't however do anything on the ground and Boetsch gets back to his feet. Lombard goes for another takedown and almost ends up on the bottom but manages to avoid that. Round peters out with Lombard tying up Boetsch up against the cage. 20-18

Round One

Boetsch throwing kicks to maintain the distance. Lombard drags Boetsch to the ground, and lands several hammerfists. Boetsch gets back to his feet but Lombard lands several punches in the clinch. Lombard gets a takedown. Boetsch eventually gets back to his feet but Lombard lands several punches. Boetsch throws a couple of kick. Lombard seemingly trying to pace himself. Lombard connects with a right. Boetsch tries to rush in with a takedown but cannot get it. Lombard goes for a high kick. Lombard connects with a left hand and then some right hands when Boetsch comes in. Boetsch lands a kick. Lombard connects with a right hook. Boetsch with a leg kick. Lombard easily stuffs Boetsch's takedown and connects with a high kick. Boetsch lands a leg kick. And that's the round over. Not the frenzy we were expecting but Lombard looked good in that opening round. 10-9 to the Cuban.

Shawn Jordan (13-3, 250) vs. Cheick Kongo (27-7-2, 231)

Round Three

While Kongo starts out aggressively it soon becomes of the same in the third round with more battling for position up against the cage as the crowd loses patience. Literally nothing happens as Kongo is happy to tie Jordan up against the cage and wait for the final bell. Kongo lands a nice knee at the very end. Second fight in a row to fall apart in the third. Kongo's round again. 30-27. All three judges have it for Kongo with two having it 30-27 and one 30-28.

Cheick Kongo defeated Shawn Jordan via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-28 and 30-27)

Round Two

Kongo connects with a knee straight away. They again battle for position up against the cage with Jordan trying to go for the takedown while Kongo connects with knees. Kongo has control of Jordan's head, uses it to land a knee and a straight punch. Kongo has Jordan up against the cage and lands some good knees to the mid-section. Kongo goes for the takedown but Jordan escape. Kongo lands two hard right hands. We're up against the cage again as Kongo pushes the offensive. Kongo again threatens to take Jordan down but seemingly thinks better of it. Jordan working for a takedown but Kongo takes Jordan's back. Kongo working Jordan over with knees and punches, while also trying for a neck crank. They're on the ground with Kongo on top of Jordan's back but the Frenchman slipped while trying to apply the left underhook, gifting Jordan top control for the final forty seconds. Jordan cannot do anything with Kongo and so its Kongo's round. 20-18

Round One

Kongo is the first to strike but Jordan quickly shakes off the punches and goes for a takedown. Jordan pushes Kongo up against the Octagon wall as he looks for the takedown. Kongo's always excellent takedown defense is on display as he prevents the takedown. Kongo lands knees to the mid-section and takes Jordan's back. Looking to land punches to the head. And then as is traditional in a Kongo fight there is a low blow. This time its Kongo being hit low by a brutal elbow from Jordan. Ouch. Kongo takes his time to recover. They restart in the center of the Octagon. Kongo uses the jab to set up a nice high kick. Joran goes for a wheel kick but misses. Kongo using the jab to control the distance, comes inside and pushes Jordan up against the cage. Jordan switches and goes for a takedown, but again cannot get it. Kongo hits a knee to the midsection at the very end. Kongo's round 10-9.

James Head (8-2, 170) vs. Brian Ebersole (50-14-1, 1 no contest, 171)

Round Three

For the billionth time Head stuffs an Ebersole takedown attempt. Head connects with a right hand and again Ebersole unsuccessfully goes for a takedown. Ebersole tries to pull guard but Head is able to evade and get back to his feet. Ebersole again goes for the takedown and this is getting on the crowd's nerves. Head puts together some combinations while Ebersole awkwardly fights him off. Head takes Ebersole down, but Ebersole almost manages to pull the switch and wind up on top position. Again Ebersole spams Head with more takedowns that predictably fails. This fight has to a certain fallen apart after a fun first two rounds. Ebersole goes for yet another takedown. And another. Head tries for a choke which allows Ebersole to establish top control. God knows how you score that round - it was destroyed by Ebersole's tactics. I'll go with Head because Ebersole did nothing except not get takedowns. 30-27 to Head on my scorecard. The judges gives to James Head on a split-decision.

James Head defeated Brian Ebersole via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Round Two

Ebersole goes for another takedown and again Head sprawls and block it. Back on their feet, Head has the center of the Octagon but is not particularly throwing anything. Ebersole connects with some isolated strikes. Ebersole ties Head up in the clinch, gets double underhooks and is looking for the takedown. Head connects with a knee to the mid-section and gets back to the center. Head lands some heavy blows but Ebersole counters with punches to the head. Ebersole goes for another takedown and again its blocked. Ebersole coming off second best in the striking although he manages to complete a takedown despite taking a knee to the head. He however is unable to do anything on the ground and is swept for his troubles. Another round for Head. 20-18.

Round One

Ebersole goes for a takedown immediately but Head is able to block it. Head sprawls and Ebersole literally gives up his neck, but Head does nothing and they're back on the feet. Ebersole goes for another takedown and the same thing happens. Head lands a combination up against the cage. Ebersole tries to get inside for a throw but is shrugged off by Head. Ebersole might be in trouble if he can't get his striking going. Head putting together punishing body shots up against the cage. Ebersole is starting however to have success with the striking, landing some unorthodox straight punches. Ebersole goes for another takedown and gets put into a guillotine...and NOTHING HAPPENS! Ebersole is even able to put his thumb and say he's okay. Ebersole needs a big minute to steal the round. Ebersole tries to move to the mount but is unable to. They're back on their feet and Ebersole goes for the cartwheel kick. It misses and Head is able to end the round in top position. Head's round 10-9


Matt Riddle (6-3, 170.8) vs. Chris Clements (11-4, 170)

Round Three

Clements gets the better of the early striking exchanges after blocking a Riddle takedown. Riddle goes for a spectacular headkick but Clements is able to avoid the shot. Riddle takes Clements down and goes for a D'Arce choke but doesn't get it. They're back on the feet and Clements goes for a standing arm triangle, using the choke to set up the trip to take Clements down. And Clements has no choice but to tap out at two minutes and two seconds.

Matt Riddle defeated Chris Clements via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:02 in the third round

Round Two

Clements lands a spinning back fist at the start of the second, Riddle responds by going for a takedown. Clements trying to reverse the takedown but is unable to do. Riddle takes Clements back, establishing a tight body lock. He's working for the choke. Riddle thinks of going to the mount but re-establishes the body lock. Clements connects with a back elbow that gets an oooh from the crowd. Riddle transitions to side control - he is just completely in control here. Clements is landing some nice elbows. Riddle moves to the back of Clements but Clements is finally able to get back to his feet. Clements lands some nice kicks. Riddle goes for a takedown but Clements successfully defends and ends up in top position. Clements dropping bombs as the round ends. Big finish for Clements stops it being a 10-8 but its Riddle's round. 20-18.
Round One

Both guys come to the Octagon with awesome walkout song; Garden of Eden and Rocky Robin. Nice. Cautious begining to the fight with both cagely throwing isolated strikes from range. Riddle gets a single-leg takedown. Clements gets up. Riddle lends a combination but Clements connects with a counter. They exchange in the clinch with Riddle landing some knees while Clements counters with an uppercut. Riddle has Clements up against the cage but let's go and we restart in the middle. Riddle again goes for the Muay Thai knees while Clements lands some power punches. Riddle lands a perfect liver kick that hurts Clements but his momentum is stalled by the referee Josh Rosenthal intervening to check it wasn't a low blow. Clements looking shaky still. Riddle gets a takedown and working the ground and pound. Clements gets back to his feet but Riddle takes him down again. Briefly takes Clements back but eventually lets Clements up. Clements makes him suffer with some hard right hands as the round ends. 10-9 to Riddle

Prelim results:

Francisco Rivera defeats Roland Delorme by knockout

Ryan Jimmo defeats Anthony Perosh by knockout

Bryan Caraway defeats Mitch Gagnon by submission

Antonio Cavalho defeats Daniel Pineda by TKO

Anton Kuivanen defeats Mitch Clarke by Split Decision

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