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Max Holloway responds to call outs from Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson
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Max Holloway responds to call outs from Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson

Published Jun. 12, 2017 2:21 p.m. ET

Throughout his UFC career, Max Holloway has always been the kind of fighter to run towards the fire rather than away from it.

That's part of the reason Holloway stormed through the featherweight divisional rankings because he didn't want to take any easy roads on his way to the championship.

Once Holloway finally got his opportunity at the belt he made the most of it with a third round TKO against Jose Aldo, who is the longest reigning champion in UFC featherweight history.

Following his victory, Holloway barely got the chance to celebrate before he heard his name being called by the two top contenders in the division with both Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson asking for the first shot at his new UFC title.

Holloway has clearly never shied away from a challenge so he's happy to accept a fight from Edgar, Swanson or whoever else the UFC might decide to throw at him next.

"If I didn't fight you, get ready," Holloway told the Fight Society podcast. "Cause what you're seeing is not what you're getting. Everybody looking from the outside into the cage, they think they can do this, this and this. When they step in there it's a different thing with me. So if I didn't fight you yet, make sure you cover all your bases cause I'm coming.

"And if I did fight you already, like I told [Cub Swanson] when he was interviewing me after my fight — you're going to get it again. Get ready to get it again."


A winner of 11 fights in a row with five of those victories coming against current top 10 ranked opponents, Holloway doesn't care if it's Edgar or Swanson who's next so long as he's getting the opportunity to solidify his position as the best featherweight in the world.

Holloway has obviously cleared out at least half of the top 10 fighters already, but he's not stopping until he gets through any challenger who dares to lay claim to his featherweight title.

"Anybody and everybody's going to get it," Holloway promised. "I'm not racing through my division. I'm cleaning it out. So if you want two L's, you're going to get two L's and if you're looking for one, come fight "Blessed"."

The scariest part about Holloway's prediction for the future is that he's only 25-years old with a ton of mileage left on his body before he calls it a career.

As dominant as he's been during this current win streak, Holloway feels like he can still get even better and what unfolded when he faced Aldo at UFC 212 was just the start of what he hopes to accomplish over the next few years.

"I'm not even scratching the surface yet," Holloway said. "You guys didn't get to see my ground. You guys didn't get to see me do too much but strike. I just love striking. I've just been able to do one part of my game for a while and I'm killing it and I'm doing it well.

"You guys don't get to see the next part. It's an evolution."

When it's all said and done, Holloway not only plans on reigning as featherweight champion for a long time, but he wants to break more records and celebrate with a multitude of title defenses in the future.

Much like flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson recently celebrated his 10th consecutive title defense with a photo showing off all of his title belts, Holloway hopes to join him one day as he plans on ruling the featherweight division for years to come.

"I've got a ton more to do. I want to be like [Demetrious Johnson]. I want to have my 11 or 12, 13, 14 belt picture," Holloway said. "I want to be lying down just covered in them. I want a lot of them.

"I want my closets to be filled with UFC belts."

Listen to the rest of Holloway's interview on the Fight Society podcast via Soundcloud or download and subscribe to the show via Apple Podcasts.


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