This touching French Open moment is the most compassionate you'll see in sports

June 1, 2017

One of the great sportsmen in tennis (or any other game) added to his legacy on Thursday at the French Open.

Juan Martin Del Potro was struggling with injuries and appeared to be nearing a possible retirement in his second-round match with Nicolas Almagro. But with the match tied at a set apiece, Del Potro hit a serve that Almagro didn't move to return, instead standing at the baseline with his hands on his knees, doubled over in pain. As he stood there, Del Potro, being the gentle giant he is, climbed over the net to check on his opponent, who then fell to the clay, sobbing in various forms of pain.

Del Potro consoled his fallen opponent for a minute (watch the full video) and then helped him walk off the court.

But he didn't let him sit down before embracing him in a Delpo-like, cradled bear hug. May we all be hugged at least once like we're Juan Martin Del Potro's opponent.


Del Potro then sat next to Almagro on his bench, kept giving the Spaniard a pep talk with his arm draped around his body and then, because he wasn't good enough already, packed Almagro's bag for him.



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