Rafael Nadal stops match so mother can reunite with her lost child

November 15, 2016

Rafael Nadal is the only member of the Big Four without a child but his paternal instincts were on full display during an exhibition match on his home-island of Mallorca. While getting ready to serve in a charity doubles match against elders John McEnroe and Carlos Moya, Nadal noticed a commotion in the stands - a mother had become separated from her daughter. So, rather than serve and distract from the distraction, Rafa held back his serve so fans could move about the seating bowl to reunite the family.

As someone who once got lost at Disney World, I can relate. Thank goodness Ivan Lendl was there outside Thunder Mountain Railroad or else I might still be walking the streets of the Magic Kingdom.

The family was reunited and, after, I love the little wave the mother gives to Nadal, as if he was just a regular guy offering his help, which, on this day, he was.


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