Watch dog and cat take turns invading the pitch during this Liga MX game

BY Caitlin Murray • January 15, 2017

So, soccer is obviously pretty awesome, but you know what else is great? When you combine soccer with cute animals. We've seen our share of cuddly pitch invaders over the years, whether it's dogs, cats or some other member of the animal kingdom.

But when Pachuca hosted Chiapas this weekend, it didn't matter if you're a dog person or a cat person – the Liga MX match had everyone covered.

The fun started in the 67th minute, when a playful pup barged onto the pitch, moseyed over to the sideline to say hello to Chiapas coaching staff, and then went back for a little jaunt around the field before security intervened.

Not to be out done, the cat made an appearance in the 85th minute. The cat wasn't trying to get in on the action like the pup – it seemed more like he or she just wanted a better view of the game.

Technically, this furry pair did interrupt the match and caused disruptions, but we like to think they just made the proceedings even better. In the end, Pachuca won, 1-0, but after the extra cuteness on the pitch, we're all winners. You can watch the full highlights here:

We only wish it had been raining during the match so we could make a "raining cats and dogs" joke. But alas.


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