Watch a player score a bicycle kick, propose to his girlfriend, get a yellow card

BY Alex Dowd • January 13, 2017

Ashton Surber crammed two unforgettable memories into one match last weekend in Guam. Not only did the NAPA Rovers forward score a gorgeous bicycle kick, he also scored a fiancée. Oh, and he also picked up a yellow card for his trouble.

Video of the chain of events is choppy, but it's easy to make out the highlights.

Surber nails the bicycle and tears off his shirt to reveal the straightforward message to his then-girlfriend, "Marry Me?" He points her out in the stands and gets down on one knee, but the referee still has a rule to uphold. Surber took off his kit, so he gets a yellow card.

The good news is she said yes! No telling how long Surber had the marriage proposal shirt tucked under his kit, but he couldn't have picked a better goal to with which to bust out that celebration. The day only got better, as Rovers went on to beat the previously undefeated Guam Shipyard team, 5-1, and jump to the top of Guam's top division.

As far as yellow cards go, this one was surely worth it.

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