The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' issues warning to Cristiano Ronaldo

BY foxsports • June 8, 2016

Iceland might be one of the smallest nations playing in Euro 2016, but they have an absolutely massive supporter on their side, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson ... aka The Mountain from "Game of Thrones." (Note: Some GoT spoilers follow, so go ahead and bail now if you haven't finished season 4 of the HBO series.)

With Iceland set to start their tournament against Portugal on June 14, Bjornsson has taken it upon himself to intimidate the Portuguese side's biggest asset, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bjornsson, who's been named Iceland's Strongest Man five times and Europe's Strongest Man twice, posted the message via SpotlightTV, threatening, "if you dare to score against my teammates, I will find you and crush you head, like I did with the Red Viper."

That's a pretty substantial threat, but what else can you expect from a 6-foot-9 guy weighing about 400 pounds? He even doubled down, posting another warning on Instagram.

Of course, Bjornsson laughed it all off and is clearly just having fun. And if even if the joking threat shook Ronaldo, he could always watch this video of The Mountain playing with a Pomeranian.

No way that guy is crushing skulls ... Right?  


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