Serbian police detain Croatian fans for robbing gas station

August 3, 2018

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) Serbian police say they have detained 28 Croatian soccer fans suspected of robbing a gas station.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic says on Friday police stopped about 400 Hajduk-Split fans who were returning from a Europa League qualifying match in Bulgaria against Slavia Sofia. Police say the fans carried batons, axes, and some drugs.

Stefanovic says 28 fans are facing up to two months in prison for ''reckless and offensive group behavior.'' He says they're accused of stealing beer, cigarettes, and small toys from a gas station near Belgrade while traveling to Sofia for Thursday's match.

Local media carried pictures showing the fan group's name, Torcida, written on a gas station wall along with a ''U'' sign associated with Croatia's World War II Ustasha pro-Nazi fighters.

Hajduk beat Slavia 3-2.