R. Kelly says Cup anthem carried message of hope

R. Kelly says Cup anthem carried message of hope

Published Jun. 10, 2010 5:41 p.m. ET

Singer R. Kelly said he hopes his new World Cup anthem can inspire people in much the same way as his signature song ``I Believe I Can Fly.''

Kelly's new ``Sign of a Victory'' has been declared the official anthem for the World Cup. The songwriter said in an interview on Wednesday that it carried a message of hope and triumph.

``It's definitely no doubt a humanity song, and I'm hoping that everybody feels the same way when they hear it,'' he said. ``(I'm) hoping they can be as touched by it as I was when I heard it in my head.''

Working with the Soweto Spiritual Singers on the song was an ``unbelievable'' experience, he said.


It's R. Kelly's second trip to Africa. He toured the continent last year, overcoming his fear of flying.

``I always said, `I can't get on the plane, I can't get on the plane,''' he explained. ``But when I finally did get up the nerve to get on the plane and come on over to Africa, the welcome was so unbelievably warm. It was just so touching that I couldn't believe it.''