Mascot makes an unlikely hero in best goalkeeping moment of the weekend

BY Caitlin Murray • January 23, 2017

Meet Vovo. He is the official mascot of Ceara Sporting Club in Brazil.

As far as mascots go, he’s a bit of an odd one — he is basically just a bearded old man with a giant head.

But on Sunday against Fortaleza, Vovo got a chance to shine and prove to the world he’s still got it.

He didn’t disappoint:

Yep, that is Vovo making a diving “save” of sorts, ensuring that his moment didn’t pass him by. Notice how he is in a ready stance and tracking the ball the entire time before lunging after it.

The old, giant-headed man has got hops and if Ceara ever need a backup goalkeeper, they know where to look.


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