MacGregor: Club has to come first

MacGregor: Club has to come first

Published Apr. 16, 2013 3:15 p.m. ET

Catania have confirmed they have signed Argentine striker Sebastian Leto, who had been a free agent since January after playing for Panathinaikos.

Details of the 26-year-old's contract, including its length, have not been released.

"Catania can confirm reaching an economic agreement for the next few seasons with the striker Sebastian Eduardo Leto," said a statement on the club's website.

The former Liverpool striker joined Panathinaikos in 2009 after previously being on loan at their arch-rivals Olympiakos.


However, his career in Athens stalled after a serious knee injury suffered in January last year.

Catania are safely in mid-table heading into the final weeks of the Serie A season.

Ross County and St Mirren opted against backing proposals to revamp the game north of the border at a meeting of Scottish Premier League clubs yesterday.

A majority of 11-1 was required to take the issue to the Scottish Football League.

The outcome of the Hampden summit was met by anger and disappointment from other clubs, with McGregor admitting he had a tough call to make.

"It's a two-pronged thing," he said. "You are put onto the board as a representative of your club but you're also a representative of the league system.

"I'm as sad as anyone with the result because I have another 11 chairmen who are my colleagues and I have to take a look at both the league structure and the club structure.

"If the shareholders, my fans, my staff and directors vote that this was something they didn't want for the club, it would have been absolute suicide to vote against that, no matter how I felt.

"Yes, there is a bigger picture but if your supporters don't trust you, and they don't see fairness in how they're trusted, why are you there as a football club?"

The plans included a merger of the SPL and the SFL into a 12-12-18 structure, with the top two divisions splitting into three sections of eight after 22 games.

The package also included extended play-offs and money spread from the top flight to the second tier.

MacGregor added: "I have every sympathy, particularly, for the First Division clubs, where the redistribution was going to offer them some more money.

"But, on the other hand, this is a fans' game and if the fans can't understand what they are buying into at the start of the season, and there is no clarity there, I think you're doing the game a disservice and fans a disservice.

"It was a bridge that was too big for Ross County to cross."