Liverpool probe Uruguay avenue

BY foxsports • September 6, 2011

The arrival of 20-year-old Sebastian Coates late last month to link up with countryman Luis Suarez has opened a door to the Copa America winners for the Reds. Coates was signed directly from Nacional while Suarez came from the same club via Dutch side Ajax. And according to Comolli, Liverpool are now looking to establish a more formal relationship with the most successful club in Uruguay on the back of the Coates deal. "I've got to thank the people from Nacional, the directors and their chairman, because they have been very helpful," said the Frenchman on "They tried to help the player complete his will, which was to come here. "They tried to find a solution for us to make it happen. We now have strong links with them because both Luis Suarez and Sebastian Coates have come from this club and been developed by their academy. "We are talking about a partnership with them that we would like to create over the next three, four or five years, to see if there is more talent coming through. "Maybe we can help them to develop their standards and in turn have the ability to bring those young players here. "During the Copa America they had 14 players out of the 23 who had at some point played at Nacional or were developed by Nacional. That is a fantastic record for their academy." Comolli added: "It is very interesting for us. "We already have a strong link with South America through Lucas (Leiva), Maxi (Rodriguez) and Luis. "Since it's been such a success with Luis - and I'm sure it will be for Sebastian - why don't we try to make it an even bigger success by bringing in other players from Nacional?"

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