James Milner decided to head a ball on the ground with his face, for some reason

BY Alex Dowd • January 11, 2017

Liverpool have had better days, to be sure. They lost the first leg of their English League Cup tilt against Southampton, but that's really not the weirdest thing that happened.

No, the weirdest thing that happened would be defender James Milner summoning his inner Phil Jones toward the end of the match.


James, what are you doing? It's certainly an interesting technique, faceplanting the ball to prevent Soton's Cedric Soares from making a play. He does it so forcefully, too, as if he's dislodging the ball from a pinned foot. You can't say that it was ineffective, though, as Liverpool did retain possession. But still: James, what are you doing?

That's an excellent way to get kicked in the face and possibly seriously injured. At the very least, it's a way to get blasted on the internet and very seriously roasted. Keep doing you, Milner. Somewhere, Jones is beaming with pride.