Green: Agenda towards Rangers

Green: Agenda towards Rangers

Published Aug. 14, 2012 3:15 p.m. ET

And the Ibrox chief executive has vowed to defend the club even if it means incurring the wrath of the Scottish Football Association further.

Green is already facing a charge of bringing the game into disrepute after claiming "bigotry" was one of the reasons behind newco Rangers being denied entry to the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.

A consortium fronted by the former Sheffield United chief executive purchased the business and assets of Rangers when the club was consigned to liquidation over the summer.

Green told STV: "We're not having, excuse my French, people taking the pee out of us anymore. It's finished.


"I will give you an example. This morning, I had a phone call from the SPL telling us we can't put our old games on the website because we don't own the archive rights.

"'And by the way, Charles, don't get angry. You shouldn't think we are being vindictive, it's just what the agreement says'.

"Tell me how I took that? I was walking on the ceiling. I think there is an agenda.

"There's still battles to be won. I shan't let you down.

"I said to someone earlier that when everyone was against us, we stayed. People are now warming to us and we are staying.

"But if we leave fans to one side for a moment, while that lot are against us, I'm not leaving.

"There's no-one spoke for this club for three or four years. It's not had anyone standing up.

"I am going to get fined every week, I suspect, or I will get banned."